AFP Atlántida


The Atlántida Pension Fund Administrator (AFP Atlántida), was created to address the need that the average Honduran employee faces due to the lack of institutional options committed to ensure a decent income in the future for the employee and his family in the future and a dignifying retirement stage.

AFP Atlántida S.A, was legally constituted on July 24th, 1998, and it has become the main option for Hondurans within the private market of pension funds.

It was the first company of its kind to be authorized by the Honduran government to operate in Honduras, supervised by the State's Superintendence of Pensions & Securities and other institutions.

Today and always, we reiterate our commitment to our individual and corporate clients in order to continue contributing to the economic progress of Honduras by guaranteeing financial security and economic welfare for the hard working professionals and their families in the upcoming future.

Being part of the Atlántida Financial Group allows us to offer our products and services through the infrastructure and branches of Banco Atlántida in any part of the national territory, enabling us to offer a quality service with personalized attention.


We are currently operating covered by the “Law of the Optional Complementary Regime for the Administration of Private Pension Funds”.

In July 2, 2015, a new legal structure called “Framework Law of the Social Security System” emerged. At least three special laws will result from the mentioned framework. One of these, the “Pension Fund and Severance Funds Administrator Law”, is being reviewed before being sent to the Congress.

Pensions and Severance

  • Individual Pension Fund.
  • Corporate Pension Fund:
    • Contribution Pension Fund: Contributions are made both by the employer and employee.
    • Employee Pension Fund: Contributions are made only by the employee.
    • Employer Pension Fund: Contributions are made only by the employer.