Banco Atlántida received recognition as an outstanding issuer in the Honduran Stock Market, awarded by the Bolsa Centroamericana de Valores

Once again, Banco Atlántida positions itself as a leading company, and this time the bank is recognized as an "outstanding issuer in the Honduran Stock Market." This recognition was presented by Mr. Edgar Maradiaga, President of the Bolsa Centroamericana de Valores, accompanied by Edgar Gutiérrez, General Manager of the institution.

The current situation of the Honduran stock market was presented during the session, highlighting the need for more non-financial issuers and investment instruments in the country. Through these initiatives, Banco Atlántida aims to become an important participant in the country and the region, with the goal of achieving greater efficiency and offering a better experience in the stock market.

Faustino Laínez, President of the Board of Directors of Banco Atlántida, shared his experience in regional stock markets and enhanced the full support of Grupo Financiero Atlántida in strengthening the Honduran Stock Market. The meeting also included the participation of Gustavo Martínez, Manager of AFP Atlántida, and Jorge Laitano, Investment Manager of AFP Atlántida.

About the Bolsa Centroamericana de Valores

The Bolsa Centroamericana de Valores is a private commercial institution that provides the venue, physical facilities, and optimal conditions for the trading of securities such as promissory notes, bonds, certificates, stocks, and others.

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