Atlántida Casa de Valores

Atlántida Casa de Valores Accitlán S.A. is a duly constituted company, controlled and regulated by the Superintendency of Companies, Securities and Insurance, and by the National Intendancy of the Securities Market. It was established on April 11th, 2006.

Throughout its trajectory in the Ecuadorian securities market, Atlántida Casa de Valores has always been characterized as a leader in the stock market, consistently ranking among the top positions in the stock exchanges. The brokerage firm is an active participant in both the Quito Stock Exchange and the Guayaquil Stock Exchange.

During its tenure, this brokerage firm has facilitated negotiations in the Ecuadorian securities market for approximately US $5.7 billion, of which approximately US $600 million corresponds to funds raised as financing for Ecuadorian issuers (companies) in the real and productive sectors.

Atlántida Casa de Valores offers three lines of services:

Portfolio Management: Through a technological platform, clients are offered online access to view all their investments, allowing for more efficient management of their investment portfolios with constantly available and updated information.

Financing/Securities Structuring: It provides clients with access to new sources of financing through the securities market, enabling them to obtain resources to finance their budgets and achieve their short, medium, and long-term objectives.

Stockbroking: Atlántida Casa de Valores connects the supply and demand of securities listed on the country's stock exchanges. The brokerage firm serves as the necessary link between those in need of immediate liquidity and public and private investors.

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