Leasing Atlántida


Financial leasing is a modern financial alternative, especially designed for the acquisition of all types of productive assets needed towards the development of various economic activities.

Leasing Atlántida is the leading financial leasing company in Honduras, counting with more than 40 years of experience within the domestic market. Our company was incorporated in 1978 and it has remained a leader since then.

In 1998, our company is authorized by the Central Bank of Honduras to operate as a Regulated Financial Company, under the name of Leases and Credits Atlántida S.A. (ACRESA).

In 2014, the CNBS issued the resolution GE No. 143/23-01-2014 that standardizes financial leasing operations in the country.

Recently, the Board of Directors authorized ACRESA to join the rebranding process of Atlántida Financial Group, not only by depicting a new graphic identity but also by figuring in the market with a new name: Leasing Atlántida.

Under this new name, the star product (Leasing) is strengthened and consolidated by the brand (Atlántida).

As part of our evolution, Leasing Atlántida will remain at the forefront of technology and processes, which will allow our leasing company to keep providing an excellent service to its clients, characterized by ethics, responsibility, and transparency.

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