INVATLAN is the holding company for Grupo Financiero Atlántida´s enterprises and other investments, offering a portfolio in banking, insurance, pensions and severance, leasing, brokerage houses, and more. INVATLAN has been characterized for pioneering the introduction of new services, innovation, and financial solutions.

Since its beginnings, Banco Atlántida, the longest-standing company in the group, stood out for its role of issuing paper money in Honduras for 37 years (1913-1950), until the Central Bank was created. Ever since, Banco Atlántida provides important credit and investment operations for the development of business projects.

As the group began consolidating its presence in Honduras, in 1970, COALSA (Compañía Almacenadora) was founded offering bonded warehouse services, in 1978, Leasing Atlántida began operations, expanding to the insurance sector, Seguros Atlántida was founded in 1985 and AFP Atlántida, the leading pension fund administrator in the country was created in 1998.

As Banco Atlántida reached the milestone of 100 years of operations in 2013, the Bank faced new challenges, including the continuous adoption of digital transformation strategies.

The Group’s footprint outside of Honduras began in 2015, when it acquired AFP Confía, the leading pension fund in Central America and the Caribbean, and in 2016, it acquired a brokerage firm and investment fund in El Salvador as well. In 2017, Banco Atlántida began operations in El Salvador as a member of Inversiones Financieras Atlántida S.A. after acquiring Banco ProCredit. Since then, the Bank has excelled in the Salvadoran financial system, achieving growth above the industry average. Today, the holding company Inversiones Financieras Atlántida includes five companies in El Salvador: Atlántida Capital, Atlántida Securities, Seguros Atlántida, AFP Confía, and Banco Atlántida.

Moving forward in Central America, on November 1, 2019, the Group received authorization to start operations with our flagship brand, Banco Atlántida, in Nicaragua, with the purpose of expanding service opportunities for regional clients and meeting the financial needs of Nicaraguans with quality and innovation.

In 2020, INVATLAN continued its expansion process by starting operations in Ecuador and Peru through the establishment of Grupo Sur Atlántida

By the end of 2022, we began the acquisition process of Pacific Bank in Panama.

In 2023, we consolidated Seguros Atlántida in El Salvador, positioning us as the most comprehensive financial conglomerate in the Salvadoran market.

In 2024, we acquired Banco D Miro in Ecuador, thereby strengthening the financial footprint in the South American country, where other companies such as an insurance broker have been added to the portfolio.

In June 2024, through IBEROATLÁNTIDA, its investment vehicle in Spain, the Group received authorization for the purchase of 45% of EBN Capital from the National Securities Market Commission (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores).

The Group's philosophy is to contribute to the economies and societies of the countries in which it participates.

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