Reditum Market Data

Reditum is a financial and stock market intelligence software company.

The objective of Reditum is to provide timely, relevant, and real-time information to market participants using cutting-edge technology that adapts to the specialized needs of its users. The company began its operations in Ecuador, where it was able to establish itself as a leader in the industry due to the reach of its technology, achieving steady year-on-year growth. The growth and technological innovation achieved since its opening in 2015 allow Reditum to process market information immediately and offer its services to users in Ecuador, Central America, and the Dominican Republic. Reditum's vision is to transform the way financial markets are analyzed in the region and relieve the operational burden of organizations through the development of financial technology that promotes transparency, efficiency, and interconnectedness of markets.

Reditum works with information published by the respective regulatory bodies of the Financial System, Insurance System, and Securities Market in the countries where it operates, ensuring that the reported and published information in the system is accurate and reliable. The platform is automatically updated with the publication of new information by the responsible entities.

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